Kvæsthuset - The old hospital by the harbour

In March 2005, the Danish Nurses´ Organization (DNO) moved into its new premises: a more than 300 year old building by the Copenhagen Harbour.

​In its early days, the building served as a hospital for wounded soldiers, hence the name "Kvæsthuset" - the house for the wounded. Later the house became the headquarter of The United Steamship Company.

DNO commissioned historian Nete Balslev Wingender to document the story of the building itself, its earlier inhabitants, organisations, institutions and surroundings in Copenhagen from around 1650 to the present.

To share this exciting history with our international colleagues and visitors, the book has been translated into English. The price of the book is DKK 110,-. 

If you want to purchase the book you can either send a mail to dsr@dsr.dk or by phone: +45 3315 1555.

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