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About the Danish Nurses' Organization

Get a short introduction to the Danish Nurses' Organization and see how we are organized.

Introduction to the Danish Nurses' Organization

The work of the Danish Nurses' Organization (DNO) takes its starting point in the vision and the five position papers, which is approved by the DNO Congress.

We have framed our vision below:

“We move boundaries – in the organization, profession and society".

This is the main factor in all activities of the DNO – from everyday lives of members in the workplace to the top executive. This vision is the starting point, which is based on the life and democracy of the organization, nurses' salary, working conditions and the nursing profession.

We focus on health political issues, development and research in nursing, and cooperation with other organizations, national and across International borders.

We strive towards better conditions to nurses salary that reflects the profession's high value to society and to professional nursing quality.

Furthermore, we participate actively in debates about health policies.

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg

President of DNO

The organazation of the Danish Nurses' Organization

The Congress is the supreme authority in the Danish Nurses' Organization.

The DNO is organized with one main board, five regional branch boards, the Danish nursing students association (SLS), the organization for leading and managing nurses in DNO, the Senior nurses Association and the local union representatives.

The Executive Board consists of:

  • The President and two Vice-Presidents from the head office
  • The President and one Vice-President from each Regional Branch Board
  • The President from SLS (the DNO student organization)
  • The President from the organization for leading and managing nurses

The Executive Board manages the organization and deals with all major issues of importance to nurses.

The President of the entire DNO and the two Vice-Presidents are in the The Head Office.

The five regional Branch Boards, the student organization (SLS) and the Organization for leading and managing nurses each have their own President and Vice-Presidents as well.

The DNO also has 35 professional associations, whose purpose it is to develop nursing in their respective fields.

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