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ECET London 2024


29. januar 2024

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29. januar 2024


Pernille Hansson


Vi har i bestyrelsen modtaget følgende mail fra Gabrile Kroboth ang. ECET 2024. 


We had to cancel our planned conference in 2023 because the largest manufacturer had only ordered 6 m and we would have produced a financial fiasco. The ECET Board was faced with the situation of having to consider whether ECET should be dissolved.

At this point, we received an invitation from EWMA to hold our conferences jointly with them.


We decided to accept this invitation and will organise our first joint event in London in 2024. The advantages we see in this are

  • lower financial outlay
  • Annual conferences and therefore regular meetings
  • Projects are easier as annual meetings are possible
  • New interested parties, as there are also many colleagues in wound management


We would be very pleased if you would pass on the information about the congress in your ostomy association.


We are also happy to accept presentations.


With best regards